Piment d´ Espelette | 40g glass | fine | 0,1-1,0mm

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  • 2880-Bipia
  • France
  • 40g
  • 6 Pieces
  • 09042200
The small town of Espelette, with a population of 2000, is located in the French Basque Country,... more
Product information "Piment d´ Espelette | 40g glass | fine | 0,1-1,0mm"
The small town of Espelette, with a population of 2000, is located in the French Basque Country, only a few kilometres from the Spanish border and the Atlantic coast. Around Espelette, a chilli variety is cultivated that has made the region world famous. The famous Piment d´ Espelette is not only an indispensable spice in the Basque homeland, but is now equally at home in top gastronomy and with hobby chefs all over the world. Botanically speaking, the Piment d´ Espelette belongs to the Capsicum Annum group and originally came from Central America. According to a legend, shortly after the discovery of America, a sailor brought some seeds from Mexico to his Basque homeland. In the Espelette region the chilli finds ideal climatic conditions and fertile soil. In February, the seeds are sown in greenhouses because the outside temperatures are still too cool at this time of year. Around 1 May, the seedlings are then transferred to the surrounding fields. By mid-August, the fruits have reached their final size and begin to turn red. Now the harvest begins, which lasts until the end of October. The harvested fruits are sun-dried on special grates for about three weeks, sorted by hand and then processed further. The Piment d´ Espelette is very mild, aromatic-fruity with slightly smoky and sweet components. The use of the Basque chilli is very versatile. In addition to meat and fish, the spice goes well with pasta and rice dishes, sauces, marinades and salads. Thanks to its mild heat, allspice d´ Espelette can even be combined with chocolate or fruit. Piment d´ Espelette is a protected designation of original French manufacturer (AOP - Appelation d´Origine Protégée) from Espelette. Only products bottled in their origin with the original AOP seal may bear and use the name!
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