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Organic Birds Eye Chili I whole

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  • 3620
  • Uganda
  • Scoville Units: 90.000-120.000
  • 25kg
  • 1 Kg
Organ | DE-ÖKO-003 | Non-EU Agriculture
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East African Uganda, a landlocked state in East Africa, is characterized by numerous lakes,... more
Product information "Organic Birds Eye Chili I whole"
East African Uganda, a landlocked state in East Africa, is characterized by numerous lakes, savannahs and primeval forests. The special geological location directly on the equator, with large parts of the country lying 1000 metres above sea level, ensures a very constant and warm climate without extreme heat or cold. Wide regions of the country are very fertile, so that more than 80% of the working population work in agriculture. In addition to coffee, tea and bananas, the cultivation of various types of chili is becoming increasingly important. The chili species, once native to South America, were brought to Europe by Spanish and Portuguese explorers. The plant quickly spread rapidly throughout the world, supported by the great expansion of Portuguese colonial rule. In Uganda, the chilies find perfect climatic conditions and fertile soils. The plants of the Birdseye Chili, which grow to a height of about 150 cm, produce numerous hot pods, which ripen from green to orange to bright red. The small, round to pointed fruits, which belong to the group of Capsicum frutescens, owe their name ¨Bird Eye Chilis¨ to some bird species, where the fruits of the shrub are at the top of the menu. With 100,000 to over 140,000 Scoville units, Birdseyes are among the world´s hottest chilies. Their sharpness is intense and direct. Their taste is similar to that of Thai chilli, so they are very suitable for hot Asian dishes, but also for sharpening soups and sauces, stews, stews and hot BBQ sauces.
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