Murray river salt | flakes | 0.5-2.0 mm

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The Murray River is the longest river in Australia with about 2500 km. The water of the river is... more
Product information "Murray river salt | flakes | 0.5-2.0 mm"
The Murray River is the longest river in Australia with about 2500 km. The water of the river is salty. However, no river water is used to obtain the Murray River flakes; instead, untouched, underground salt water springs are used from which brine is pumped into crystallization basins. During the dry-hot summer months of New South Wales, the water evaporates rapidly, causing the salt concentration to rise rapidly. The salt flakes are harvested purely by hand. The light pink colour of the flakes comes from the iron oxide and other minerals contained in the brine. The crispy and light consistency as well as the delicate pink colour make the Murray River flakes one of the most beautiful and best gourmet salts in the world. The Murray River salt is the perfect table salt for the final taste of the finest dishes and best steaks. The Murray River salt manufacturer does not allow repackaging in other packaging units. The salt may only be sold in its original packaging.
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