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Danish smoked salt | 1-3 mm

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  • 8106-1
  • Denmark
  • 1,0-3,0 mm
  • 25kg PE bag
  • 1 Kg
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A delightful gourmet salt. This Biova Danish Smoked Salt has a delicious smoky taste and is made... more
Product information "Danish smoked salt | 1-3 mm"
A delightful gourmet salt. This Biova Danish Smoked Salt has a delicious smoky taste and is made with pure natural ingredients. The basis for this smoked salt is the salt from the Dead Sea. It is cold-smoked over beech, and has an intense and aromatic smell and taste, that is reminiscent of freshly smoked food. It is therefore suitable for any dish that requires an additional smoked taste. The salt can also be enjoyed with vegan and vegetarian food, giving it a hearty, smokey taste without having to resort to animal products. Soya products and vegetables that are seasoned with the Danish Smoked salt can achieve wonderfully delicious results. Likewise, the salt can also be recommended with roast or grilled meats. The smoke aroma enhances the existing flavors significantly, and adds that extra ‘little sizzle’ meal, that just perfects the meal. The salt is cold smoked over beech for 160 hours, being turned over once every hour. The smoking of salts originates from the Vikings, and the methods used for smoking have not changed over time. Production is limited to about 100 kg per month, as it is a work intensive process, so the salt is especially valuable and sought after. Of course, there are no anti-caking agents, or additives used in our smoked salt.
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