Druid smoked salt (Viking salt) | 1-3 mm

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  • 8110-1
  • Denmark
  • 1-4 mm
  • 5 kg PE bag
  • 1 Kg
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Aromatic smoke, fire and intense spice - these impressions convey the appearance and aroma of... more
Product information "Druid smoked salt (Viking salt) | 1-3 mm"
Aromatic smoke, fire and intense spice - these impressions convey the appearance and aroma of what is probably the noblest Danish smoked salt variety of the present day. Only about 5% of all types of smoked salt are actually smoked. Most types of smoked salt are mixed with smoke flavours. Our smoked salt is made of sea salt and smoked in the Viking style. This results in an intense smoked taste. The taste can be changed by using different types of wood. Our sea salt, for example, is smoked with pure juniper, imported specially from Norway (as low-pollutant wood grows in Norway). Flowery scent, many aroma nuances, soft on the palate, spicy taste. The most popular smoking salt variant of our customers. Smoked sea salt on pure oak also has many aroma nuances, but is a little more bitter in smell, but also soft on the palate. The Germanic smoking salt is excellently suited for: Eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, fish and all kinds of meat. It gives steaks a special taste of meat prepared over a fire, even when cooked in the oven. Using this salt gives you an idea of how the Nordic peoples extracted their salt. Sea water or brine was poured on the burning fire. The water evaporates and the precipitated salt adheres to the charred logs. The salt was scraped off the wood and could be used.
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