About us

lagerhalle_neuThe company Biova ™import/export and wholesale distributor was founded in 2002 by Raphael Deckert. At that time there were very few crystal salt traders who were able to supply good quality crystal (known as Himalayan Salt) salt on a constant basis. LagerhalleThe product back then was hard to find and the small amount that was available, was also very expensive.

We wanted to do something about it and took the decision to try and provide the best quality salt for an affordable price. Currently we have distributors throughout Europe and are an established and reputable company. We initially started working from a warehouse in Nagold with 120m ² of space, but as early as 2004 had to rent pallet shelves from a shipping warehouse in Hamburg. The problem of course was that we couldn’t deliver salt as quickly as we wanted to, so in Dec 2007 we opted to rent over 400m ² of space at the Exhibition Centre in Wildberg.

Here we were able to pack, store, and also exhibit out increasingly popular product, as well as expand our office space! We are proud to be currently one of the biggest salt traders in Europe. We have tens of tons of goods readily available and are able to ship 99% of all orders within 48 hours.

  • Food salts / natural salts / gourmet salts from all over the world
  • Himalayan salt licks from Pakistan
  • Salt Lamps & Salt Teasers from Pakistan
  • Various salt cosmetic products salt building materials
  • Various gourmet peppers from all over the world (also organic)
  • natural sugar

Currently in 2024 we employ about 30 employees.